The art of masturbation before sex

There is a stereotype that people in a relationship do not masturbate, because they have a partner with whom you can have sex. Such people are wrong, and those who adhere to this mistaken idea – lose a lot.

Especially if you masturbate right before sex.

Why do women need it?

Many women find it difficult to reach the necessary level of arousal, so that sex brought pleasure and ended with orgasm – interferes with context, high levels of stress and overwork. The partner does not always do what is necessary, even if you explain everything to him and tell him, so why not take matters into your own hands?

The time it takes to reach orgasm, the partners may not be the same. For example, a man ends in 10 minutes, and a woman needs 30. So why not bring yourself to orgasm or preorgasmic state by masturbating and then move on to penetration?

After orgasm, the nerve endings of the clitoris, labia and vagina remain very sensitive. If you immediately continue stimulation, then very quickly can come the next orgasm, and then another. But it doesn’t happen for everyone. Often further stimulation on the contrary becomes unpleasant and painful, so the partner should immediately stop, and not squeeze out of the woman multiorgasm force.

Why do men need it?

Premature ejaculation is something that worries many men and their partners. Yes, now there are drugs that help to cope with it, for example Priligy, but it is not always an option. Although vaginal sex lasting 3-5 minutes is the norm, few people are actually satisfied. As a rule, after the first orgasm the second act lasts longer.

Erection difficulties can be organic or psychogenic. Masturbation will help to cope with this problem. But even here you need to be careful, because men also have a refractory period. If the young it lasts a few minutes, and they are ready to have sex again, with age the period increases and can last 12-24 hours.

Why do couples need it?

Masturbation in front of another person requires even more trust than just sex. We usually do it alone, behind closed doors. Show how you reach orgasm with yourself, and the partner let him just look and, if you want and you allow, will join.

Masturbation can perfectly diversify sex, especially if it is mutual. Give your favorite toys in each other’s hands or caress without them. Forget that after masturbation must be classic sex – feel what your partner feels when doing it alone with yourself.