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Coming soon from Rev. Dr. Jacquie Hood Martin:

The Vision Led Church: A Lesson In Strategic Planning

Dr. Jacquie speaks loud and clear on the issues facing the church today. In a sincere, yet matter of fact way, she highlights the nuances that plague the church and stifle the work of the people. Strategic planning is needed in the church today in order to move the masses forward toward the work that God intended.

Read to discover:

  • How to have open dialogue with your membership
  • How to speak to your church leaders about substantive change
  • How to navigate the waters during turbulent times
  • How to advance the work in a multi-generational church
  • How to lead effectively without alienating everyone
  • and so much more …

There is nothing more powerful than a ‘vision-led’ church. Pre-Order your copy of Rev. Dr. Jacquie Hood Martin’s “The Vision Led Church” today.