Welcome To The 26-Week Wellness & Fitness Challenge


Welcome to the 26-Week Wellness & Fitness Challenge newsletter.First off, thank you for registering for this life changing event. Our challenge is more than weight loss. We’re ridding ourselves of any and all things entangling us from being well. For the next 26-weeks get the information, tips, exercise routines and food choices to make a better you!To kick things off we have a delicious breakfast recipe from Chef Reggie.reggie

From Chef Reggie:

When designing this meal I wanted to figure out how to keep things simple and utilized vegetables from my garden that were left over from the night before. I think this is an excellent selection of ingredients. Many of the vegetable items can be substituted based on what you have available at home.

Here is a list of the equipment that you will what you need to get started:

– High Temperature Spatula

– Chef Knife – Measuring Cup

– Cutting Board

– Pan Spray

– 8-10 inch Non-Stick Saute Pan

– Oven (Set on Broiler (Hi) or Temperature of 450-475)

Check out Chef Reggie’s Power Breakfast-Frittata Meal under 500 Calories

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