Jacquie Hood Martin Named CEO, 86400 Faith

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June 4, 2012

Jacquie Hood Martin Named CEO, 86400 Faith

(Washington, DC) 86400 Faith announces the appointment of Jacquie Hood Martin as CEO. Hood Martin, is a leader with over 33-years of experience in the faith, education, and business sectors. An ordained minister of twenty-years, Hood Martin has been inspiring individuals in the U.S. and abroad with her matter-of-fact teaching and leadership style.

“Jacquie is the ideal leader of 86400 Faith because she understands the landscape of the faith based community and she is deeply committed to being of service to others”, said Lavaille Lavette, philanthropist, author, and creator of the 86400 Seconds Movement, which launched 86400 Faith Company in January 2012.

86400 Faith seeks to effectively put the iconic saying, “It Takes A Village” into practice by helping to facilitate wellness, economic growth and leadership in communities worldwide. The company works with churches and faith based organization through 86400 Faith’s, “Be The Village” program. Key components of the “Be The Village” program includes Getting Fit; *THE MIND – Purpose Management and Servant Leadership seminars, workshops and events. *THE BODY – Wellness activities and support around the adage “An ounce of prevention is
worth a pound of cure!” *THE SPIRIT – Spiritually focused mentor and mentorship program, that utilizes technology to get connected. *FINANCIALLY – 86400 First Sunday Financially Fit Program and the 86400 Faith Partnership with Subway® Corporation that offers franchise opportunities to churches and non-profit organizations.

Hood Martin related, “Infusing integrity in the work you do daily is part of our aim to provide sustainability in communities through church and business partnerships. We are able to arm the community with economic, entrepreneurial, and empowerment skills through collectives. Community leaders will have access in their bundle of services to hands-on training, technology driven programming, and wellness days to impact overall community health.”

As part of 86400 Faith’s “Be The Village” initiative is an agreement penned earlier this year with Subway® to give back to the community through franchising. Talks with churches in the South and Midwest are yielding favorable results. Hood Martin, has her stilettos on the ground visiting sites and meeting with church and community leaders.

“Churches and businesses have been anchors in communities that thrive in harsh economic climates. And now, we are able to deal strategically with obesity, purpose management, and balance, seeing a real chance at changing lives” says Hood Martin.

The 86400 Initiative’s vision is expansive, reaching through the United States into Europe, Asia, and Africa feeding Mind, Body and Spirit, all while teaching principles that improve personal and financial positioning. Hood Martin will be fielding interviews on the value of the “Be the Village” Initiative and its influence in creating overall wellness into the communities being served. Strategic dialogue for seminar series at conferences, conventions, and organization meetings is already underway to expand the role faith and wellness plays in the success of a community.

About 86400 Faith

86400 Faith provides wellness, economic growth, purpose management and servant leadership programs and events to faith-based communities worldwide. The “Be The Village” initiative is one of the company’s flagship programs that partners with churches and faith-based organizations in crucial areas by offering services that improve personal and financial positioning.

About 86400 Movement

There are 86400 Seconds in each day. The 86400 Movement mission is to bring people together to use their gift of 86400 seconds to make a positive difference in the world. The movement strives to awaken the social consciousness of individuals thereby encouraging volunteerism and social action in the areas of education and health & wellness. The movement serves as a resource and a platform for individuals to move from thought to action, to take up social action, learn new skills, generate ideas and express their views, ultimately using their unique purpose to effect change that will lead to a better life, a better 86400 for all.

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