Fasting As A Means To Balance! Day 1

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Today begins phase 2 of our summer life project. It is the 21 Day Daniel Fast. You know that thing you just can’t put your finger on…; the one something that you know needs to happen, but are unable to hone in on…; that possibility, that is also a probability, that will be the best thing ever, if you could simply get in the zone…! Well, that is what fasting will do, and can do in your life.

The Daniel Fast will be July 1-July 21 starting at noon and ending at noon. Yes, some of you have already eaten so now is that time to cleanse your system, bypass that meat and potatoes lunch, and enjoy a salad, fresh fruit, veggies, and a all natural juice smoothie. This is your season to reflect, refresh, renew, and re-start your personal journey to balance.

Tune in daily for the Fasting and Balancing Living Tip of the Day.

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