Fasting as a means to Balance! Day 3

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Sometimes what hinders or hurt us can be the very thing we need to motivate us. We all need closure in our lives, but getting there can be an uncomfortable and painful process. So today as you continue in the Daniel Fast, be open to healing in the most spiritual way.

Daniel, in the Bible, sought to hear from God so he would not fret over his plight. He began this journey with the end in mind. The Daniel fast is based in the Bible where he fasted for clarity and direction. It includes meals of nuts, berries, salads/fresh veggies, fruit, water, natural juice. No processed food, soda, sugar, meat, and no dairy. of course it can be modified to include even dairy where medically required. Please consult your physician regarding your fasting.

Additionally, we can learn from his story that a clear mind on matters that matter to you, can relieve anxiety, stress, and tension. Take these days to discover the essence of yourself. Dig deep!