30 Days of Balanced Living: Day 1

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The foundation of balanced living begins with readiness. In order to move your life forward, we must each take a moment to determine our level of readiness to engage in the process of living a balanced life.

In this moment, it is critical for you to realize that you, and only you have the power to make a decision that concerns you. The reason your life may be out of balance is because you have done one of two things:

  1. You have given someone else permission to make decisions for you about a matter that required you to be involved in the decision-making process; or
  2. You believe you have the authority to make decisions about something in which you do not have the final say at all.

Think about which of the two best fits you presently, or may have fit you in the past. Doing this simple step of self-reflection will help you pinpoint the intersection in which the lines of balance became crossed. We will take the next few days in week one to establish your level of readiness to tackle what is within you that can either help, or hinder your ability to live a balanced life.

The Law of Readiness is one of the eight laws found in my book Fulfilled! The Art and Joy of Balanced Living. Throughout our 30 days together you will be asked a series of Challenge Questions that will cause you think about your life. During our first week together you will be able to query yourself and discover how liberating it can be to take ownership of what is really keeping your life out of sync. The joy begins the moment you have control over your life again. Remember, ‘the end is just the beginning!’

Welcome to Day 1!

Challenge Questions: How many times in your life have you been blind-sided? And, what were you doing that caused you to miss seeing it coming?




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