30 Days of Balanced Living: Day 13

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People always ask me this question. “What is it that keeps you together?” I say, “my faith.” Faith is what keeps us focused on the priorities that give value to the good things in life. As you become more self-aware on your journey of the many things that you have experienced, know that you are not alone in the process of learning how to heal after a reveal. The Law of Perspective forces you to look deeper in order to live better. You may have been the first person in your family to experience what you are going through; yet in life, you will meet many people who can help you if you let them.

There is nothing wrong with letting your emotions show. I developed for myself as I discovered that I could turn my tragedy into triumph. It all started as a teen with developing a Living-Life-Plan. Six simple questions that lead to continuous soul-searching. Let’s begin with an exercise:

Who? Who is important to you? Too often, we  have idle conversations with idol-minded people and our situations end up worse than they were when we got started.

What? What do you want to happen in your life? Discovering what you want to happen will help you steer clear of what you do not want to happen. Focus yourself. Focus your life.

When? Timing is everything. When something is sincerely in your heart, you give it your all to make it happen, because the time is now and you have waited long enough.

Where? Location, location, location has been the business mantra for centuries. No one will start a business without considering the place where the business is to be located. Life is no different. You have to ask yourself, is where you are the best place to do what you are designed and destined to do. If you are not near family, maybe that is the support-system you need. If you are too close to family, then separating yourself may be the next order of business. If you are in a city that is impoverished, then you may consider moving to a city with more opportunities. Where you are determines the level of advancement you can attain, both personally and professionally.

Why? Once you have made some decisions, people will want to know why. It is when you know why, that you can conquer your demons, and are able stand in the days to come against future measures of trickery.

How? How far you go is up to you now. Once you allow God to have first place in your life, then and only then will you cease to be a victim, and become a victor. You may still be wondering how all of this is going to happen and it begins with agreeing, “that God’s ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts.” Yet in the end, He knows what is best.

The key is discovering new inspiration that draws you out of your shell. When we are in the midst of our problem, we are unable to reach out to others and are unwilling to let others reach in to us. A part of advancing your life to the next level is being able to know who to talk to about what and when. Life is complex, but it is not without mastering.

Welcome to Day 13

Challenge Questions: When and what was the last spontaneous thing you did?

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