30 Days of Balanced Living: Day 2

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We are addressing the issue of readiness, which can often be intertwined with our focus or lack thereof. Each day from this point on, you will become increasingly aware of what is vying for your attention. It could be that familiar people, places, or things are at the center of your imbalance. Let’s run the gamut!

  1. You spend too much helping others and have lost focus of your personal goals.
  2. You are dealing with a loved one, who is constantly in need of your attention.
  3. You have a demanding boss that is a poor leader and administrator, causing you to have to adapt and manage the mess.
  4. You are caring for an ill parent or child.
  5. You are battling your own health issues, and you have no strength left for pursuing your dreams.
  6. You are in an abusive relationship and are unable to break free at this time.
  7. You have a habit or addiction that you want to shake, but it is shaking you.
  8. You are in a financial crisis and there are just no more resources to live the dream!
  9. You have not come to a place in your life where you care enough to seek balance.

As long as you are not writing down excuses, or blaming someone else for your imbalance, then feel free to write it all down. Day 2 is about what YOU need to do. We will get to what others have done later. In my book Fulfilled! The Art and Joy of Balance Living, The Law of Readiness is the eighth law, which brings you face-to-face with whatever you need to come to terms with in order to achieve balance.

Today you are gaining a new level of self-awareness. This is an awareness that will allow you to see clearer that you have been able to see; or perhaps see for the first time. It is time to explore the magnitude of that revelation. When considering your responses to Day 1 Challenge Questions, consider this…

Welcome to Day 2!

Challenge Questions: Can you pinpoint the specific incident that is opening your eyes to the reality of your situation? To whom or what have you given your power, or too much attention?

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