30 Days of Balanced Living: How to Heal and Become Balanced, Day 16

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Mastering your emotions is the key to moving forward after a revealing moment has occurred in your life. As believers we are expected to deal with what life brings to us, yet, there is a natural response to some of what we face. We shout, cry, rock back and forth seeking comfort for our aching heart. Our human emotions take over and we fail to actualize a spiritual response. Especially if what we face hits close to home. The person who has the revealing moment is affected just as much as the friends and family who walk alongside them. Here are a few things to remember when going through a reveal.

  1. You are never alone: When you hurt, people around you who care and love you hurt.
  2. You are not the first person to experience what you are experiencing: Whereas no two situations are exactly the same, the fact that you are having the experience is not a new phenomenon so hold the histrionics.
  3. You will not be the last person to go through this ordeal: Decide immediately that you will make the best of the situation and learn something of value that you can share with the next person who has to go through a reveal.
  4. You have a chance to learn a spiritual lesson: No matter how difficult what you are facing, there is something to learn from God, and the sooner you learn it, the better you will be for having had to experience it.

Learning to keep it together and get on with your day can be a real challenge. You will question everything. In the area of my reveal of learning about my adoptive father and my biological father, I discovered how painful it was for my mother be an unwed college student in the 60’s. And, that she was able to graduate Magna Cum Laude, that although my biological father and grandparents did not want me or my mother, that my adoptive father and his family welcomed us both with open arms, and that sometimes we need to be shielded from the truth until an appointed time when it will not matter nearly as much as the lessons that God is trying to teach us.

The reality is that you must take the good with the bad, the uncomfortable with the discomforting, the truth with the lies, and weave it all through God’s word in order for it to make perfect sense in an imperfect world. I have had many revealing moments in my life and as I have gone through the healing process, I see that God is allowing me to share my experiences with others. It is my purpose. It is my destiny. It is how I learned to walk by faith.

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