30 Days to Balanced Living: Day 3

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Balance begins from within. So ready or not here comes the moment you have been waiting for, or running from for far too long. It is the moment you embrace what is your key stressor. Some reveal that past relationships are a stressor. Others believe that chasing after dreams deferred are their stressor. It could be an unexpected medical finding. Yet, some have voiced how a dead-end job or family problems bring about the most stress in their lives. But, these only scratch the surface of the matter. It is not until we take a closer look in the mirror that we see what as always been there right in front of us: SELF. Who we are and how we approach situations can bring about stress that we often to do not feel or sense. Stress is a silent killer.

No matter what is pinpointed as your main stressor, you are connected to it. Balance is both a mental and physical component of our daily lives. Whether we over think how to deal with what we are going through, or if we physically have to get in the game and handle our business, we must be ready for whatever comes your way.

Getting ready requires you adhere to four simple paths.

  1. The path of obedience.
  2. The path of discipline.
  3. The path of commitment, and
  4. The path of appropriate behavior.

Yes, I know you are grown, and believe that you have it all under control. However, if that were fully true, your life would not be out of balance. We must be honest with, and invested in ourselves. You must have the right set of coping skills in order to deal with your day-to-day issues. I realized early in my life, that not everything on my to-do list was for me. And, that realization almost came too late. It nearly cost me my life! I was not focused. I was undisciplined. I had a mind of my own, and was rather good at giving people of piece of it! I had a flippant attitude and at times just could not be reasoned with on any given day. What I have taken from these lessons, which I apply to my life are these two things: Not to let others bait me into their mess; and that I possess the capacity to attain and maintain balance.

I was done with hardship. It was in the hospital, hearing that I almost died from stress, literally, that I came to my senses and had a point of clarity like I had never had until that day. No more burning the candle at both ends and in the middle. No more letting other people dictate the direction I was to pursue. No more nonsense. No more drama-filled people in my space. That was nearly 25-years ago and each day since, my life ceased to be filled with strife. My level of readiness over the years continues to soar. I pray that your level of learning about how to deal with yourself, comes at not so great a price. In my book Fulfilled! The Art and Joy of Balance Living, The Law of Readiness is the eighth law, and I remind you that there is only one you. Life is filled with too much promise to let others run you into the ground.


Welcome to Day 3!


Challenge Questions: What are you learning from your imbalanced life? Are you ready to change your behavior?



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