30 DAYS OF BALANCED LIVING: How to Become Balanced and Healed, Day 24

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I love the comments. It lets me know that people are paying attention, not to me, but to what is happening in their own lives. When individuals discover to pay attention closer attention to what happens in their life, they open up to a new way of thinking, reflecting, and responding to what worries them the most. It is not uncommon to worry, but what is bothersome, is that people do not take the time to learn how to worry less. Each day since a family secret.

  1. Awareness – As much as we dislike seeing with open eyes, the only way we can truly know what effects us, why we are bothered by certain things, and how to overcome them, is to be aware of what makes us tick, as well as, fly off the handle. You must get control of your triggers related to your personal reveal experiences.
  2. Acceptance – One of the tools to put in your toolbox is that you must accept all of your past. You may not like it, but it is part of what makes you unique. It is also the quality that that gives you the strength to heal and move forward in a positive and productive manner.
  3. Accountable – I am learning to deal with my own accountability to others. During the course of my healing and revealing experiences, I discovered the need to have people around me to whom I could be accountable. I am by nature a control freak! But, God has tamed the beast in me and has strategically placed people in my life who help me keep it in check.
  4. Appreciation – A healthy appreciation, for who I am flaws and all, gives me the balance needed to see my situations from a realistic perspective. You must learn to appreciate yourself, feel worthy of love, and let some happy in your life. When you treat yourself well, you demand the same from others.
  5. Ascend – All of the qualities you need to excel are within you. As you heal, which comes from the removal of drama and addressing your concerns about what you learn, then you will see clearly how to press on. The growth process challenges you to dig deep and develop staying power. The ability to persevere helps you build rungs on a ladder, that help you climb to your next level.

This series is designed to meet you and others where you need it most. God often uses the situations in our life to help us see what He is doing with and us. As we grow we must be open to the things of God that we often sense, but refuse to acknowledge. When we are ready to make a fresh start, we may get feelings of anticipation and anxiety, or even see the future that has been waiting for us all along. Each of us wants to have an impact with our lives. Impacting others and ourselves helps us feel worthy, full of self-esteem and shows that we are capable of putting forth a good effort and yielding a great result for God. Today, if you are seeking an existence full of life and filled with joy everlasting, you must begin by letting go of the past and setting your focus on what God has designed for you to accomplish. Your God given talents at work in your life will help you lead out in ways you have always dreamed.

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