Coach Me To Balance | February 2014

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A seasonal shift is in the air! And, as the seasons change, so do our attitude, feelings, and emotions. Only a few months ago our end-of-the year plans were filled with hope and the possibility of great things ahead. Well for many people those dreams may be registering as being permanently deferred. But, are they? Although you may have lost a loved one, experienced a poor health diagnosis, or kicked some old friends to the curb; you personally do not have put your life on hold. Yes, it may be difficult to move on, but YOU CAN DO IT! The question may not really be “Can You Do It”, but along the lines of are you waiting for someone to give you “Permission To Do It.”

Please note that ‘can’ is a question of capability, not permission. You can do whatever you set your mind to do. What you have the capacity to do does not require anyone’s permission, but your own. It is your will and desire that rests within in you to accomplish whatever it is that you want to accomplish. Now, if you are asking for permission, then you will need to rephrase all the questions you have been asking yourself. It is not Can I, but how will I get out of bed everyday? Not Can I, but when do I take that chance at a better life? Not can I, but what will it take for me to get over what I have been going through? These are the questions that put you in the position of being able give yourself permission to start your journey of balance. Can answers will give you a yes, or no reply. What you need is a plan of action!

Changing your perspective about your situation is your way of telling yourself that you are ready to re-balance your life regardless of the difficulty that faces you. The key to achieving any level of balance will begin with you giving yourself permission to live, love, and laugh again. You are not alone. And, although the numbers are staggering of the people who face generational and seasonal depression, discovering how to balance, will move your life forward.

Take a moment to clear your head, and give yourself a fresh start with your newfound clarity! Go on, get to it.


Coach Me To Balance guides individuals through a progression of self-discovery so one is able to see where they are on the spectrum of balance vs. imbalance. Once we identify where you got off your path, we will work with you do rediscover the joy in the journey to being healthy, whole and productive. Follow us online at or on Twitter at @ibalanceme to receive updates, tips, and words of encouragement. You may also sign up for one-on-one Coaching or join any of the scheduled Balanced Living live calls, courtesy of the iBalanceMe Institute.

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