Coach Me To Balance | April 2014

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It’s Go Time!

Two of the hardest things to do in life are to press pause then hit re-start. You have to find that ‘keep it moving’ Spirit that tests within! Sometimes we have risk the loss of friendship and relationship; or cost to our health, to continue to forge forward until we get the job done. I realize it’s not always easy. We each have a built-in level of resistance that hinders us and holds us back from our greatness. Our true potential can’t shine through because we refuse to get up, dust ourselves off, and polish up our act.

Here are three key reminders that may well start you on your way.

1. Embrace your past.
Sometimes to embrace the past you have to pause your current course in order to reflect on where have you been thus far. When we fail to keep record or watch of what we have already done, we can miss the opportunity to expand to something greater. Possibly we see, why it was necessary to abandon some actions that were less fruitful and yielded no harvest. You must measure the experiences within there context. Let it be duly noted that not everything in the past will have equal weight. You must take care to assign value to each and every activity, action, and deed.

2. Shaping the present.
What you will find when you pause your current course, is a common thread of like activity that merges the past with today. This is a thread woven through your experiences that is shaping your very existence. We are a sum total of everything good and bad that has happened, is happening, and that which is yet to happen! So why can’t we see this common thread? Perhaps it is because you are too close the experience. Maybe it was too painful at the time and you couldn’t bear to reflect upon it. Or, even still maybe just maybe you are still in it or have just come out of it and it is still too new! Shaping is a daily occurrence, that when put into its proper perspective, will have more of a positive than negative effect. Each day you must permit yourself to make a mistake. Give yourself room to forgive and be forgiven, and most assuredly provide that same space for others around you. As you are transformed in the person you are destined to become, a change takes place.

3. Change the Future.
The change that happens within you during embracing and shaping, has the potential to shift the atmosphere around you. The more we embrace our past, and allow ourselves to be shaped by the present, we avail our inner person to be empowered to change the future. As women and men of means and influence, we must be exacting in our ability and efforts. We must be strategic in our planning, and unwavering in carrying out our duties and responsibilities. The word fortitude is defined as ‘courage in pain and adversity.’ No one’s journey is easy. Each is paved with stones of grief, bitterness, strife, depression, oppression, and a host of other adjectives that make you want to throw up your arms and retreat. But, that’s not how you are made. Let’s us persevere together.

You see, you can no longer stand idly by and let others determine what your legacy will be. You can longer sit on the sidelines while others use your story to create their own view about who you can be in this life. You can no longer resist the fire that burns within when unjust laws are enacted against you. It is time that you embrace your rightful place as the possessors today of the movement that got us where we are today. Many put it on the line for us to become greater than we are presently. When are we going to have the audacity to accept the responsibility of carrying forth what has been passed on to us?

So I charge you embrace the past, shape the present, and as you do, you will facilitate change for the future. It’s go time!

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