Day 30 On Becoming Balanced

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For some it is the end. Others just the beginning. A 30-day journey to start a new chapter in your life where you are more in control, more in charge, and in command.

Our lives often go off track and we fly off the rails, because we are missing in action in our own lives. Becoming balanced is about ownership, and remaining in the drivers seat, even when you need to take a backseat. It’s learning to recognize that you can delegate somethings on your journey, but you can’t delegate what is assigned to you and only you. Responsibility and accountability are staples in leading and living a balanced life. As you move forward from your newfound place of assurance, peace and calm, don’t open the door to complacency. Stand boldly at the threshold of your life and monitor who comes, goes, and stays. Be cautious about giving others permission to dictate to you what you know is contrary to everything you believe.

The journey to balanced living is about improvement, betterment, encouragement, enrichment, empowerment, attainment, alignment, and (list your own).

Today, and always, trust God, trust yourself, and trust the process. Go in faith!

Welcome to Day 30! Continue to journey on.

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