Day 4 On Becoming Balanced

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Life is filled with strange encounters. In a moment and at times without notice, a situation arises that dumbfounds you. A place in your heart that is almost mended, a relationship that is just about repaired, or a wound that is nearly healed. Yet, out of the blue a trigger of how hurt you really were by it, causes you to realize you have not come as far as you think!

Living a life of balance is not just how well you handle your finances, manage your affairs, keep up with meals, children, and exercise. It is at times how you balance yourself within the engagements you have with other people. Family, friends, co-workers, bosses, church folk, neighbors, and sometime casual acquaintances can throw you off balance when you engage in their hurts. These real life encounters can set even, high levels of attained balance off kilter.
Today take a moment to review who is in your space, rethink their place, and reassign value to them so that you are not physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, or spiritually off balance by your interactions. Now I caution, this could also be you. Don’t Be That Chickā„¢ or person.

Welcome to Day 4

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