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Online Bible Study 02.03.11

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Welcome to the introduction to Ephesians. For the next hour we will be carrying a dialogue about the writer of the book/letter, what two themes run through the book/letter, and how we as Christians are able to appropriate lessons from the Bible to everyday life.


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Online Bible Study 01.18.12

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Welcome to our online bible study we are live in 5 minutes. Our study today is 1 Corinthians 16. This is a non-audio format allowing each participant to read through posts, listen to the Holy Spirit, and provide responses as I facilitate our scripture study....

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Call to Action – Health care

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To my social network family: Medical, Dental, and Vision are keys to good health and community well being. Don't find yourself without health care coverage. Contact your Representative today, and no later than January 10th and express opposition to the repeal of the Patient Protection...

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