Lenten Season Life Lesson 4 | So Now You’ve Got Something to Say

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In the last few weeks I have heard from countless number of people who have expressed a desire to make a reveal. I have prayed you and your situation, and here is what the Lord has given me. It is the “if this, then that” which I come up with for you.  If you are honest with yourself you may be on your way to preparing yourself for a reveal.

  • Do you want to reveal that you may begin a process of healing?
  • Do you want to reveal that you may inflict hurt and pain on someone?
  • Do you want a reveal that you may draw sympathy from others and begin a pity party?

You see, ‘hurting people hurt other people.’  And, what I have learned is that if maturity is not present then it is better to keep what you have to say to yourself. When we get ahead of God and think that He wants us to share something because it is pressing on our heart, we must first determine if we ourselves have come fully to terms with what has happened. It is Gods’ desire that His children be whole and healed; a process that starts first with you. Take time to let God deal with you fully before you seek to reveal. Here are a few things you need to address.

  • You need to be in a place of forgiveness.
  • You need to be in a position to be ok with not being forgiven.
  • You need to accept that whatever you have to reveal may only make matters worse.
  • You need to be in it for the long haul to sort out the pain that is coming to bear on the person to whom you are about to reveal.

A reveal requires you to be accountable, responsible, and available. You cannot reveal something and then say ok ‘now you deal with it, it’s off my chest!” This is what is considered to be irresponsible and insensitive. A clear way to prepare yourself for a reveal is to ask yourself a series of questions that the recipient may ask in order for you to determine your own emotional stability. This will also allow the Holy Spirit to show you how the person may react. Often time it is better to pray and let God handle how and when a reveal happens. This is not a matter for you in your humanness to take on. What it takes to move on with your life after a reveal is not for the faint of heart. Prayer. Encouragement. Support. I would say all the above. A reveal is not to be taken lightly. You should pray and ask God to show you if what you have to reveal is for you alone, or is it to be shared with others. The word says,  “that as far as the east is from the west, so is it that your sins are from you.” The word also declares, “blessed in the man who sins and God does not impart judgment.” Many things are simply for us so that we learn valuable life lessons and never to err again. Yet, there are some things that if not revealed, may destroy a life, a family, a community, or a nation.  In either situation, God should be involved that He may guide the process toward the revealing and the healing. I would always ask myself “What good will come from this reveal?” And, this is a question and answer session you should have with yourself as well.

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